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Scope of collection fields of 2021 Competition
Focusing on the theme of "Approaches to peak carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality"

Collection Fields

Renewable Energy Propose new renewable energy technologies and application forms based on the concept of low carbon and environmental protection, including but not limited to optimisation methods, new technologies, energy supply strategies, etc. The proposals should be innovative, practicable and scalable.
Building Energy Efficiency Propose technical measures for passive buildings, prefabricated buildings, zero-energy buildings, healthy buildings, etc; green technologies, method strategies and ideas for energy-saving renovation and green operation of the existing buildings. The proposals should be innovative, practicable and scalable.
Mechanisms to Incentivse the Reduction of Carbon Emissions Propose and promote mechanisms to incentivise the reduction of carbon emission, namely quantify and ascribe value to the actions reduce energy and carbon emission by small micro enterprises, communities, families and individuals, to establish product concept and technology strategy related to positive guidance mechanism combining commercial incentive, policy encouragement and certified emission reduction trading. The proposals should be innovative, practicable and scalable.
Smart Lifestyles and Amenities With the theme of "smart lifestyles and amenities", to propose digital and innovative solutions centering on healthcare, education, safety, tourism, community services, etc., which are conducive to effectively improving people's living standards. The proposals should be scientific, practicable and scalable.
Smart Transportation With the theme of "smart transportation", make full use of the Internet of things, cloud computing, internet, artificial intelligence, automatic control, mobile internet and other technologies to propose technical methods and services to control and support for all aspects of the transportation field including traffic management, transportation, public travel, and the entire process of transportation construction management facilities and implementation strategies, etc., in order to enable the transportation system to have the capabilities of perception, interconnection, analysis, prediction, and control within the time and space of the city, so as to fully guarantee traffic security, exert the efficiency of transportation infrastructure, and improve the transportation system operation efficiency and management level. The proposals should be innovative, practicable and scalable.
Other Approaches to Reduce Carbon Emissions In addition to urban renewable energy, building energy conservation, mechanism to incentivise the reduction of carbon emission, smart lifestyles and smart transportation, other implementation paths of carbon emission reduction include: water environment management, soil environment management, atmospheric environment management, solid waste management, etc, which are innovative, practicable and scalable.